Letters to My Neighbors

Celebrating my neighbors one word at a time.

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Dear neighbors,

I went to my first city council meeting last night! I WILL BE LESLIE KNOPE!! It was a great turn out in support of the Sacramento public library. Without an increase in their crazily allocated funding they might be facing massive branch closures (4-5) over the next few years. :( anyone have a few million they wan to donate to help fund some amazing programming in Sacramento???

I also learned that city council meetings are a terrifying place that gives the crazies in your community a chance to be heard by people who are stuck there just trying todo their jobs or fight for a cause they believe in. Like seriously cray cray. No ma’am, I do not think city council can do anything about fetal alcohol syndrome in some study in South America. But thanks for wasting 2 minutes of all our lives!

Anyway, I will probably not be running for office anytime soon. Sorry world! Mandatory champagne jazz raves will have to wait! ( I do want to use constituents in casual conversation more…)


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